Ni ada satu software untuk pengguna2 atau ahli2 Flickr. Software ni digunakan untuk memudahkan upload dan meletakkan info2 yang berkaitan pada gambor yang kita upload. Memang memudahkan. Interface dia pun menarik. Nak cuba?...KLIK SINI..

Ciri-cirinya yang menarik:

  • Cross platform : Runs on Windows, Mac, or Linux.
  • Fast and stable : Faster image loading with more application stability.
  • A good memory : If the application quits or you quit the application in midwork all information will be autosaved and repopulated the next time you open. In short, it remembers and saves all your valuable photo information.
  • Geotagging and Maps : Complete Google Maps integration enabling pre upload drag and drop geotagging.
  • Spell Check : That's right, no more misspellings in your descriptions.
  • Html Editor - Bold, underline, strike through, italics and link any text in your descriptions with a gui wysiwyg.
  • Auto completion : You start typing, the uploadr auto suggests completions.
  • Photo editing : Ever realized a photo you added to a batch requires editing only to have to go searching for the file in your folders? Now you can right click a thumbnail and launch the file in your default editor.
  • Twitter : Automatically tweets a link to your photos after they upload.
  • Large : View your photos large.
  • Rotate : Rotate your photos.
  • People : Ability to add and identify people in a photo.
  • Photos + Videos : Ability to upload photos and videos.
  • Default signatures : Always find yourself adding in the same old text into descriptions? Now it will be automated with default signatures.
  • Thumbnail scaling : Use a slider to increase or decrease the size of the thumbnails to your desired workspace preference.
  • Thumbnail arrangement : Drag and drop to change the order of upload sequence.
  • Auto-send to groups : Pre select groups you want certain photos to go to and we'll do the rest.
  • Photo data copying : Ever wish you could copy all tags from one photo to another easily? Now you can. Copy tags, groups, sets and more from any photo to another.
  • Exif data : Want to add exif data to the description? We'll automate that.
  • Multiple accounts : Want to send the same batch to multiple accounts? Done.
  • Workflow : Many keyboard shortcuts to facilitate quick batch tagging and uploading.



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