Preview Extractor ni adalah software paling simple dan bagus untuk pengguna2 kamera Nikon ( jangan marah penyokong 'meriam'..kekeke). Ni aku cedok statement laman berkenaan :

"What it Does
  • Extracts the largest JPGs embedded in RAW files. D70(s) and D2X NEF files have full size, basic quality JPGs.
  • Works really fast.
  • Automatically detects orientation (if found in raw files) and rotates output images.
  • Supports command line execution!
  • Shows the number of shots you have taken so far!

What it Does Not

  • Preview Extractor does not remove hidden JPGs from source NEFs and it does not alter the source.
  • Preview Extractor does not perform RAW decoding and processing to generate preview images. It simply makes verbatim copies of the hidden JPGs in NEFs.
  • Does not copi EXIF information to the generated JPGs. New version will have an option for embedding EXIF.

What You Can Do

If your camera embeds large size preview JPG in RAW file,
  • You can stop shooting in "RAW+JPG" mode. Just shoot in RAW. You will probably store about 15% more pictures in the same CF card.
  • You can stop doing batch conversion using Nikon Capture. No need to wait for million years only to get preview images. Preview Extractor can extract preview images from 200+ NEFs in seconds!
  • You can stop reviewing your pictures in Nikon View. Nikon View requires too much time when opening a DEE-ed NEF file. Use Preview Extractor to extract JPGs and browse them with your favorite image viewer!
  • Put this little program in your CF card and bring it with you anywhere. You will be able to review your pictures even on computers where Nikon software is not installed.

Want to know the Mileage of Your D50, D70(s), D2H(s), D2X, D200?

Preview Extractor has an extra feature to extract the shutter count embedded in the picture. Run it on JPG or NEF files that came out of D50, D70(s), D2H(s), D2X or D200. In preview extractor, clicing on "Shutter Count" opens a new, small window. Use the "Load Image" button, or drag and drop any image onto the window. It will tell you how many times the shutter of your camera have operated, since it was manufactured. The internal counter increases every time you take picture, acquire white balance, acquire dust ref. photo or shoot with no CF card.

There is a strange number in ASCII format in the header of Nikon DSLR images. It appears to be unique for every camera. Someone told me that it is the CCD serial number. It's up to you whether you believe it or not. Anyway, this program also shows it to you.
Please do not ask me for D100, D1H, D1X or D1 support. I do not even know whether the shutter count exists in the raw files from such cameras."

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