Berikut ni adalah antara term2 atau jargon yang biasa digunakan dalam bidang photografi. Banyak juga istilah ini digunakan di forum2 fotografi. 

AE = Auto Exposure
AEB = Auto Exposure Bracketing
AF = Auto-Focus
AF-S = Auto-Focus with Silentwave
Bokeh = The subjective aesthetic quality of out-of-focus areas of an image projected by a camera lens
CA = Chromatic Aberration
CCD = Charged-Coupled Device (aka: sensor)
CF = Compact Flash
CFD = Closest Focusing Distance
CLS = Creative Lighting System (from Nikon)
CMOS = Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (Canon dSLR image sensor)
CPL = Circular Polarising Filter
D (e.g. 400"D"/"D"200) = Digital
DI = Digitally Integrated (Tamron Lenses)
DO = Diffractive Optics
dSLR = Digital Single Lens Reflex camera
DRI = Dynamic Range Increase - A technique like a ND Grad filter but in photoshop
DX = Refers to sensor size of Nikon dSLRs, or lenses made for exclusive use of such sensors. However there appears to be no official explanation on what it stands for.
EOS = Electro Optical System
ED = Extra-low Dispersion
EV = Exposure Value
EVF = Electronic View Finder
f/(number) e.g f/2.8 = focal length to aperture diameter ratio (aka, aperture or f-number)
FD = Face Detection
FOVC = Field Of View Crop (Crop Factor, Focal Length Multiplier)
FTM = Full Time Manual (Focusing)
HDR = High Dynamic Range - A technique of blending 3 or more different exposure of the same shot to increase the dyanmic range (usually -2,0,+2)
HSM = HyperSonic Motor (from Sigma)
IF = Internal Focusing
IR = InfraRed radiation. Usually refers to infrared photography
IS = Image Stabiliser (from Canon)
L = Luxury (Type of Canon Lens)
LD = Low Dispersion (Type of Lens Element)
LPF = Low Pass Filter
MF or M = Manual-Focus
MFD = Minimum Focusing Distance
ND = Neutral Density (Generally refers to filters to help you get a longer exposure)
ND Grad = Neutral Density Graduated (A filter used to even out the contrast between bright sky and dark foreground)
NR = Noise Reduction
OE = Over Exposed
OIS = Optical Image Stabiliser (from Panasonic)
OOF = Out Of Focus
OS = Optical Stabiliser (from Sigma)
OVF = Optical View Finder
PnS = Point and Shoot (Small compact type cameras)
PP = Post-Processing/Post-capture Processing
Red Dot = Leica (Because of the logo)
SD = Secure Digital/SanDisk
SLR = Single Lens Reflex
SOT = Sour Old Thing
SR = Shake Reduction (from Pentax)
SSS = Super Steady Shot (from Sony)
SWM = Silent Wave Motor (from Nikon)
TTL = Through The Lens
UE = Under Exposed
USM = Ultrasonic Motor (from Canon)/ Unsharp Mask / Universiti Sains Malaysia
UV = Ultraviolet. Usually refers to ultraviolet filters, although they are usually used to protect the lens from dust, fingerprints, ect, rather than to filter out UV rays.
VC = Vibration Compensation (from Tamron)
VR = Vibration Reduction (from Nikon)


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